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SWID™ Removable Nonstick Hat Liners for all types of hats. Keep your hats clean from sweat stains and odors. SWID Nonstick hat liner is manufactured by Club Lid and can be removed and placed back on your hat as many times as you like.  All without leaving any sticky residue or changing hat sizes. 

SWID™ - Sweat Protection For Your Lid.  by Club Lid

  • Our One of A Kind Hat Liner is designed to fit into any Hats, Lid, Cap or almost any other headwear item. 
  • Creates a comfort barrier while protecting from sweat and oils that would otherwise saturate and stain the headband of your hat
  • Reduces odor causing bacteria which can accumulate on the headband
  • Helps prevent redness and irritation on your forehead
  • Ultra-Thin so typically does not reduce the size of hats
  • Protects and extends the life of hats and other headwear items which saves money
  • Non Stick Hat Liner Design
  • Disposable
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Get Your SWID On !

Simply place the tabs that are located on the back of the SWID hat liner over the front of the headband that is on the inside of your hat. It's that simple !  

No peeling off adhesive or leaving adhesive behind on your hats.

Unlike other sweat liners there is no sticky adhesive !